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About Us

LuminaSensum is a very young project at this time. However, we aim to provide blind people assistive technology they can actually buy on their own. That means, in particular that we will do our very best to provide said technology at the lowest cost possible, because we know how painful it actually is to get any kind of assistive technology at a reasonable price. The market is quite small and hasn't seen much competition, and every manufacturer seem to sell at completely unreasonable prices, which in turn makes it very hard for people to get what they need, since nothing short of a governmental agency can easily buy the required devices.

The goal of the LuminaSensum project is to destroy the very barrier of cost, and offer devices at a price, such that individuals can buy those devices with their own money. We believe that it offers a form of independence never seen before in the market, because every disabled individual should be able to get what they need without depending on loans from their government.

The device is entirely yours. None of this rental mess with a limited set of repair cycles available before your device is thrown into the trash instead of being fixed. None of this feeling of annoyance at knowing that the device you have in hand was never fully yours and that you might be asked to give it back 3 months from now. More importantly, there won't be any way that your device would be taken from you or uncared for as soon as you don't have any employer or aren't at school. That is what we believe in and wish to accomplish, because we think every disabled individual has the right to freedom.

Open project

The LuminaSensum project wishes to be transparent and as open as much as possible, with any company or individual it might interact with. That is why we are promising you the following things:

  • The designs, block diagrams, schematics, specifications and overall descriptions of our products will be available in a plain text format so that disabled people can read them.
  • We strive to use open source, free softwares and operating systems in all of our products. If for some reason a product contains proprietary, closed source code, it will be mentioned both on its product page and in its user guide.
  • We will release our products as open hardware and try to use components with publicly available documentation. If we can't do this, we will mention it in the product page and user guide.


LuminaSensum is proud to announce its partnership and full collaboration with 2of1 GbR! The LuminaSensum project is hosted at I/O Flood.

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