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You can get in touch with the LuminaSensum team in the following ways:

IRC channel

  • Connect to the Libera irc network and join the #LuminaSensum irc channel:
    • Host is irc.libera.chat.
    • Port 6697 if using SSL/TLS - highly recommended.
    • Or port 6667 if using clear text.

As of now, the channel does not require users to be registered to talk, but this will be implemented should spam become a problem. This page will also be modified accordingly to reflect the change.

IRC basic guideline

In order to make your stay on the LuminaSensum IRC channel enjoyable for all parties involved, there are a few basics rules to follow:

  • Do not repeat your question over and over every few minutes. It is rude, considered spamming, and unhelpful. If someone knows the answer, they will eventually reply.
  • Do not mention people's nickname over and over in order to attract their attention. People have real lives and might be busy with other things, as well.
  • Do not leave only a few minutes after you've asked your question. IRC is not designed in a way that you could see people's answers when you log back in. Ultimately people will not answer you, if they see you leaving right after you've asked something.
  • Keep in mind the possible timezone differences.
  • Do not paste more than 5 lines of code, logs, etc. in the channel. If you must share more than 5 lines, please use a pastebin service such as 0x0 or ix, or some other alternative. Avoid pastebin.com, as it is known for replacing unix line feed with windows line feed.
  • Most of all, be respectful and avoid mentioning topics that could force channel operators to act, such as politic, religion, etc.


You can write an email to the members of the LuminaSensum project at the following email addresses:

  • Jookia: contact at jookia dot org
  • Xogium: contact at xogium dot me or casey dot reeves at lumina dash sensum dot com

Please not that the @ and . have been substituted for words in order to avoid spam, and you should use the correct symbols instead.

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